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JBG Management Consulting, a business division of GORINI Enterprises, LLC, offers a full set of management and consulting services related to the creation and ongoing improvement of  mission-oriented organizations and their business systems and processes.  Policymakers and senior executives in for profit and not for profit sectors will be especially interested in the services of JBG Management Consulting.

JBG Management Consulting applies a cross-discipline, outcomes-based approach to improving organizational effectiveness as reflected through the lens of a balanced scorecard of financial and non-financial results. Relevant external and internal environmental forces, factors, and trends impacting the organization are identified and fully considered.

Today, with the advent of the post-industrial or information society, globally, organizations, of all types and at all levels, are in a state of crisis.  In all functional disciplines, knowledge is changing and growing at an incredible rate.  This makes knowledge acquisition an ongoing and challenging need, and knowledge application as new methodology and new technology a competitive necessity.  As a consequence, traditional approaches to product and service delivery are becoming increasingly out of sync with the needs, wants, and expectation of consumers and stakeholders.  Traditional approaches are becoming increasingly costly in an environment where time is becoming the key competitive factor.  When the often conflicting needs of an organizations employees, administrators, customers, and other stakeholders are considered, the whole picture is one of dynamic tension or severe stress.

Given the present dilemma of Old Organizations in the New Economy, the mission of JBG Management Consulting (JBG-MC) is to provide objective and clear information about the current state of affairs, key issues and underlying factors (driving forces), scenarios of probable futures and timelines (outcomes), and emerging industry best practices (methodology and technology). Additionally, JBG-MC will provide seminars, workshops, and forums for information exchange. JBG-MC will also provide managerial and consulting services associated with: strategic assessment and strategy planning; risk analysis and management; policy development, communication and deployment; technology assessment, selection and deployment; transition planning; (cultural) change management; quality/productivity assurance and improvement; process management and improvement, etc...

For additional information, contact Joe Gorini, President, JBG Management Consulting, at (717) 350-8248, via e-mail JGorini87@alumni.gsb.columbia.edu.

Joseph B. Gorini, President
JBG Management Consulting, GORINI Enterprises, LLC
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Joe Gorini has more than 30 years of experience performing strategic assessments, developing solutions to complex problems, identifying and implementing best practices, establishing effective measurement systems, and improving processes at several major U.S. corporations (including AT&T, AMP, Hanover Direct, and Cisco Systems).  Joe has an MS in Business Policy from Columbia University and a BBA in Accounting and Electronic Data Processing from Pace University. Joe Gorini is also President of Educology® Consulting Services, a business division of GORINI Enterprises, LLC (www.Educology-Consulting.com).